Are You a Retailer?

Are you a Retailer?
If you are a retailer and interested in offering Inland Market products to your customers, please contact us at 404.350.5850 or email us at
We at Inland Market are honored to work with our Retailer partners and are happy to offer full support for our products; from questions on what temperature to cook my Mahi Mahi to what vegetable should I pair with the Salmon Wellington. We designed our FAQ section based on consumer inquires and we provide an email form to answer any questions not covered on our website.

All of the proteins used in our products are sourced from our parent company, Inland Seafood, one of the largest seafood companies in the USA. Our fisherman are dedicated and obsessive about the sustainability of fish, our oceans and the fishing community; Our professional Chefs are passionate about using the freshest products in the most mouth-watering and delectable way; and all the bright and hard-working staff at Inland Market are honored to service and exceed the expectations of our business partners and the consumers.

We look forward to partnering with you.